Renewable Eenergy

Skytech Technologies Limited

Skytech Technologies  LTD, as a Ireland’s leading distributor of renewable energy systems. Skytech has powerful strength engaged in the green energy system distribution.

In-House Engineers  Full-Service Contractors

Our experienced professionals provide comprehensive solar solutions, from in-house solar system calculations and design, to full-service installations and complimentary system monitoring.

Superior Quality. Simple Installation

Simple installation options – do-it-yourself and save even more money or have our certified, skilled team of contractors complete the installation for you!

Weather. Unique System Design

Carefully designed and constructed to withstand our harsh climate. Our unique adjustable-tilt system ensures you’re getting the most energy production year-round.

Skytech technologies renewable energy Solar offers seamless installation options including, a full solar system installation, contractor-directed installation and self-installation package. We handle everything involved with your solar project; we design a system customized to meet your electricity needs and can even assist you in applying for any solar grants or incentives that you may be eligible for. We proudly provide full lifetime support and system monitoring, so you are never left in the dark when it comes to your solar system!

This grant will help you install Solar PV panels in your home to generate renewable electricity.

10 KW Power Inverter Solar PW System Single Phase
Off Grid Solar Inverter 3 Phase Pure Sine Wave 40kw
Off Grid Portable Solar Power System home